How to Design iOS Photos Icon in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to draw the iOS photos icon in Adobe Illustrator.


  • Tutorial Name : Design iOS photos icon in Adobe Illustrator
  • Difficulty level : Beginner.
  • Approximate length : 15 Minute
  • Software Used : Adobe Illustrator 2017 64 Bit


Step 1: Create Background Rectangle

So first of all we need to create a new document of 1920 pixel width and 1080 pixel width. And then we will fill the document with a rectangle. I’m going to start by selecting the rectangle tool and left clicking from the top left corner all the way to the bottom right corner and I am fill up the background color so that it will look better and I’ve gone with a light gray color. The color code I am using is #f4f6f6. You can just copy the code and then in the color picker with your shape selected just press command or ctrl V to paste that 6-digit number in there and then you should have your background color. And then we will lock the object so that we don’t accidentally select by mistake. In order to do that, select the rectangle from your layer panel and go to Object => Lock => Selection and we are done with step one.

Create Background Rectangle


Step 2: Create Shapes

So we are done with the background. Let’s start by selecting the rectangle tool again to make the essential shapes. Select the rectangle tool and do a single left click anywhere on the artboard and it will bring up the dialog box where we can specify the dimensions for our rectangle. So let’s make it at 170 pixels wide and 260 pixels high. Then we will remove the stoke from stoke panel and assign a background color to it. I am using an orange color and the color code is #fe674c  . Its not important, you can put any color here. We will set the right color later.

Create Rectangle


Now we will round the corner. If you’re using illustrator CC or newer what you can do is these little circles inside from the edges you can left-click and drag to quickly and easily round off corners. But if you are using an older version of illustrator so cs6 or earlier you can go to Effect => Stylize => Round Corners and set 85 pixel round. So just two different ways of rounding off corners however as I’m using a recent version of illustrator we can just quickly round these off by dragging on those little circles.

Round Corner Rectangle

Now we will copy this layer and paste in right below.

Now we have to move the second layer 35 pixel down. The easiest way to do that is to select the layer and hold shift and arrow down. Shift + Arrow down will bring the layer down to 10 pixel. So we will repeat the process three times and then we release the shift and press arrow down five times. So now we bring down the arrow 35 pixel. Like this.

Step 3: Apply iOS Photos Icon Color

Now what we will do is do duplicate the layers and rotate them. So select the two layers using selection tool and press CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste in place. Now hold shift and rotate twice.

Now copy the shape again and rotate again. Then we will have all shapes ready. So lets apply some color on it. The colors I used here are below.

  1. #FE674C
  2. #F6B745
  3. #EAE800
  4. #D4EE59
  5. #78D65E
  6. #73A4DE
  7. #AB76DE
  8. #F06AA7

Shapes With Colors


You may think why the layers are overlapping. Yeah we are about to fix that. First select all layers and from the Transparency panel, select multiply.


Click the Image for better view


Now join all the layers and you will get this.

IOS Icon

Step 4: Apply Background Ellipse

Now we will apply an background layer. Select Ellipse tool and create a shape with background color of white. And send it backward.


And the last thing we need to do is to align everything to center. So select the “Align to Artboard” and click on Vertical Center and Horizontal Center.


That’s it. Now you will get the IOS photos icon in illustrator. See the output.


iOS Photos Icon


Thanks for coming. I hope you will design a batter iOS photos icon than me. If you have any issue, just comment here. I will be happy to help you 🙂